Modern times are indeed interesting times - as the global order transforms, it has necessitated changes across industry as well. As organisations grow or transform, material, technology and capital requirements also change and this is driven through human resources associated with the enterprise. The question often asked is are the people capable enough to embrace the change, execute it and become change champions? Do they possess the required skills to perform effectively in organisations? HR Mantra Consulting has been set up with the intent of creating and improving people capability for better performing organisations. All our solutions are customised keeping in mind the client requirements where we work as a trusted partner creating value for the enterprise. The team of professionals working with us carry a rich experience in HR across diverse industry sectors and are driven by a similar passion for building people and organisations.


A program that creates industry ready graduates by focus on developing behavioural skills


  • Industry leaders have talked about lack of employability in students without defining clearly what constitutes employability skills.
  • Numerous finishing schools claim campus to corporate training with a narrow focus on interviewing skills, communications skills, grooming etc for the students - this may have a short term benefit of success in an interview but not in a job !
  • Limited study / research / analysis in this area in the past in India.


  • Program design based on relevant research and studies in the area
  • Created by senior professionals who understand industry requirements
  • Learning for students through self discovery and continuous practice employing multiple methods
  • Programme is modular and can be customised depending on student needs
  • Each student gets a Skill Score certificate